Ski Vermont: Check In To Win

From our friends at Ski Vermont:

Ski Vermont’s newest program gives you rewards and incentives for skiing around to different ski resorts across the Green Mountains and with other locations including the Long Trail Brewery, Cabot Creamery stores and the Green Mountain Coffee Visitors Center. Even if you stick to just one ski area, you will get entered to win the grand prize of a 5 night ski and stay vacation in Vermont for next winter every time you check in.

Sign up for the program at and connect to your Facebook or Foursquare account. We will send you an email with all of the check in locations (all 18 ski areas, plus some of our partners). When you hit the slopes, be sure to ‘check in’ at the Official Check in location for that resort. Only the Official check in locations can be counted!

Once you start skiing and riding at different ski areas, we will reward you for your loyalty, and continue to enter you to win the sweepstakes. All of the communication for prizes will be through your email address, so make sure you check your email to see what you’ve won and how to claim your prize.

Post pictures of yourself, your friends and the mountain views when you check in, and follow the crowd by using the #vtskibrag to show you are a part of our tribe. Don’t you want to make your friends envious of your days on the mountain? Rub it in.