Here’s to a Skiable Season

Gary earning them last October.

There’s something about waking from a long summer’s slumber and  being greeted to the beauty of fall foliage in Vermont. Nothing adds more beauty or excitement than a fresh coat of white snow on the summits. All over the state Monday morning reports and pictures were coming in showing the first sessions of grass skiing.

There is something about this time of year that I absolutely love! I do love summer, and no I didn’t sleep it all away. I was able to get out for some long  trail runs, and compete in some local races. That’s life in the summer  though, when work is busy and your wife’s “to-do” list is long. Ahhh … but now we can focus on the upcoming winter season in front us! Hopefully you have been getting out there this summer cross-training, getting ready for the upcoming season of laying down some deep skin tracks, and bottomless turns! If you haven’t been training there is still time!

Circa 10/11.

I don’t want to jinx anything but we usually do get a pretty decent snow accumulation at least once in October. Last year my friend Gary and I were able to get in some solid turns on Oct. 16, then again on Halloween. It was definitely “junk ski” conditions but the turns we got in were awesome! Mother Nature can be fickle here in New England but hopefully this year old man winter will rear his ugly head from November to March.

Now I’m headed down to the basement to sort out my ski gear for the upcoming winter.  So here’s to an upcoming season of first chairs, fresh tracks, and ear to ear grins.




Greg Rems

Avid Vermont enthusiast, be it telemarking, cycling, running, hiking, or anything outside. Chef de Cuisine the Inn at West View Farm in Dorset, Vt. Living in Arlington.