Snowshoe Racing Season is Coming

I’m starting to get really antsy!

Weather reports are saying that we are going to get some snow in the next couple days. I’ve got my gear and junk skis ready to go. Hopefully first thing Friday morning I’m out the door to my local hill.

When I’m not skiing, or thinking about skiing, I really enjoy running and racing on snowshoes. These aren’t your grandfather’s large wooden shoes (although I really do like grandpa’s shoes). The technology in snowshoes has come a really long way; they are super light, small, and the binding systems are a snap to use.

Running in snowshoes is a little different at first, but it only takes a couple minutes to get used to them being on your feet. There’s a good chance your ankles will get knocked around a little by them, and they may even give you a small gift of remembrance like a black and blue. Don’t be intimidated, if you like to run in the winter, and are getting tired of slipping on ice and getting sprayed by cars while running on the sidewalk, you’ll love this. The snowmobile trails are great, and are already packed down or groomed; anywhere that you trail run or hike in the summer is pretty much open game as well.

Monday Dec. 26 kicks off the WMAC/Dion Snowshoes Racing Series, with the first race at Woodford State Park in Woodford. The start time is 9:30 a.m. The race is also hosted by the Battenkill Valley Runners, you can find out more information by going their website at You can also get information at and (a group located over the border in western Massachusetts that does a great job hosting events. Woodford is a great way to break into the sport, the race itself is around 5K, and there is always great turnout of friendly folks. In years past, when you cross the finish line, you are handed a loaf of Vermont-made bread. There are usually some great soups or chili and gatorade after the race as well. If you don’t have snowshoes, don’t worry, there are usually loaners that you can use (there might be a small fee).

Now you don’t have to worry about eating a little too much during the holiday week because you will certainly burn some calories at Woodford. See you there!!


Greg Rems

Avid Vermont enthusiast, be it telemarking, cycling, running, hiking, or anything outside. Chef de Cuisine the Inn at West View Farm in Dorset, Vt. Living in Arlington.

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