Vermont Sports Magazine, November/December 2018

The Start |Tis the Season, pg. 5

When deer season and holiday shopping collide.

Great Outdoors | News Briefs, pg. 6

When companies do good; Vermont athletes rise to the top; Nationals come to Crafstbury, a new Derby date and more.

Health | Breaking SAD, pg. 13

Expert advice on how to beat the winter blues.

Reader Athlete | The Groomer Duathlete, pg. 15

By night he grooms cross-country ski trails. By day he competes in world championships.

Feature | The New Hunters and Why We Need Them, pg. 19

The face of hunting in Vermont is changing. Here’s why.

Feature | Just Sew Stories, pg. 24

A new wave of athlete entrepreneurs, stitching together gear for the outdoors—in Vermont.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 38

Endgame | 7 Mountains I Did Not Conquer, pg. 34

Author Leath Tonino reflects on the joy (and anguish) of leaving a peak unclimbed.