Nominate an Athlete of the Year!

Each year, Vermont Sports singles out the athletes who have done something truly remarkable. We usually focus on those who have had a major accomplishment in the last year — doing something that deserves recognition on a state-wide or national scale.

Often, these may not be people who are making headlines. Which is why we rely on you, our readers, to help us find them. The criteria are simple:

  1. They should be from Vermont, living in Vermont or have a strong tie to Vermont (but not necessarily all three).
  2. They should have distinguished themselves in some way in 2019 (the more you can tell us, the better).
  3.  There should be some documentation of their achievements (results, records set, etc.)

This year we are also considering a “Courage” award for exceptional courage, sportsmanship or leadership in sports. Send in your nominees by Dec. 15. via the form below. Winners will be announced in the January/February issue.


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