Vermont’s Gnarliest Ride Just Landed A Major Partner

Three words that come to mind when we think of the Vermont Overland? Mud, grit and backroads. And when we say backroads, we mean backroads: you know, those trail-like clearings in the forest–complete with branches, ditches and chunks of rock (“gravel”)–that were probably functional 100 years ago. This 53-mile ride was founded by former National Champion cyclist Peter Vollers. It’s one of Vermont’s best gravel events, and has scored pros like Ned Overend, Tim Johnson and Ansel Dickey (one of our 2016 Athletes of the Year; see his story here).

(Above: Ansel Dickey talks about the new partnership, courtesy of the Vermont Overland.)

Even better, this ride just got a huge partner. Cannondale, whose SE bikes (big tires, wide rims, low gearing) have been ridden and touted by Tour de France racers, announced its partnership with Vermont Overland on August 24.

“This partnership is a perfect complement to our collection of SE bikes and to the growing number of riders looking for new adventures and challenges,” said Rob Rigg, Director of North American Marketing, CSG. “Vermont has an amazing network of rugged, unmaintained roads great for all sorts of recreation, especially cycling.”

Cannondale’s collection of SE bicycles, like the SuperX SE, Synapse SE, CAADX SE, Touring SE and Slate were designed for those whose love for the road extends beyond the smoothly paved and easily accessible. These new models are also for riders whose desire for exploration and discovery is not limited by the status quo or the definitions of what a “road rider” should be. Cannondale recognizes that riders taking part in events like Vermont Overland’s, The Overland, are pushing their limits, testing their will, and conquering the terrain, not simply racing other riders or the time on a clock.

“The Overland is our largest adventure cycling event. It’s limited to 750 riders and sells out every year,” said Vollers. “Hosted in scenic Central Vermont amongst a massive network of Class 4 roads, fondly referred to as Vermont Pavé, it is the ideal setting to explore the Northeast backcountry while testing one’s limits in one of the fastest growing segments of the cycling market.”