Vermont Sports, Nov./Dec.2020


5 The Start

30 Years of Vermont Sports

This magazine made at least one person move  to Vermont.

7 Speak Up

How Vermont Sports Started

Founding publisher Kate Carter tells how and why she launched this publication in 1990.

9 News

Ski Reservations Required

Plus, Vermonters set  records, VMBA seeks new executive director.

13 Calendar

Race & Event Guide

9 Feature

10 Innovations Made In Vermont

Whether it was 40 years of constant innovations coming from companies such as Burton or Concept2 or recent  success stories such as Skida and Darn Tough, Vermont has been a place where new ideas flourish.

15 Feature

The New Basecamps

You may know all the usual spots but this winter get out and explore these emerging outdoor hubs and take part in the Vermont Outdoor

Business Alliance treasure hunt.

23 Feature

The Vermont Sports 30

Meet the people who have had a lasting impact on the landscape of outdoor recreation here in the last 30 years.

34 Endgame

Frozen in Place

How do you savor this fleeting

season? By Leath Tonino

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