Vermont Sports Magazine, September 2017

5 | The Start | The State of (Re)Creation

Vermont looks at new ways to grow our rural towns. 

7 | Great Outdoors | Big Leagues Come To Vermont

Pro skateboarders go downhill fast, a 100-mile swim record, world champ disc golf and more. 

11 | Fitness | The Fitness Game

At University of Vermont, research into what motivates people to work out has some interesting finds: These games and 7 apps could help you be healthier. 

15 | Fall Camping Skills | Back To Our Roots

Know how to start a fire without a match, make a water container from bark or build a twig shelter? This school can teach you to survive in the wild. 

19 | Fall Campsite Guide | On The Waterfront

At these seven secluded lakefront campsites, your nearest neighbors may be loons. From south to north, here are 7 of our hidden favorites. 

24 | Fall Camping Gear | (R)Evolution in Backpacking

With this new gear, you can carry everything you need for an overnight in a minimalist pack that totals under 7 lbs. 

27 | Featured Athlete | The Badass Dad

At 44, Mike Barton is still beating cycling pros half his age. 

28 | Calendar | Race & Event Guide
34 | Endgame | The Steepest Trek

When things turn bad on the mountain, the hardest part can be everything that comes next.