Vermont Sports Magazine, October 2018

The Start | Your Vermont, p. 5

What is it about this place?

Great Outdoors | Racing the Sky, p. 6

Vermont’s Hilary Gerardi is pretty badass too.

News | No Snow? No Problem, p. 8

Vermont’s elite Nordic skiers are finding more ways to compete before the snow falls.

Gear & Beer | Cool (Weather) Gear, p. 11

The mountain bike pant that for sub-freezing rides, a crash pad, and flannel vs. puffy.

Health | DIY Sled Training, p. 12

All it takes is 10 minutes a day to build all the power you need for winter skiing or running.

Feature | The Afghan Pro Rider, p. 14

Farid Noori has big plans for himself and mountain biking.

Feature | #VanLife Vermont, p.16

Some people vacation in their vans. This guy lives in his. Stories from our #VanLifeVT Challenge.

Feature | The Dogs We Love, p. 18

Meet the winners of our 2018 Adventure Dog Contest.

Featured Athlete | The Ph.D. Ultra Runner, p. 28

How Goshen’s Britta Clark handles two big challenges.

Featured Athlete | Climbing High, p. 30

Isa Oehry seeks new summits. 

Calendar  | Race & Events Guide, p. 29

Endgame | The Call of Upward, p. 34

Why Leath Tonino loves getting high.