Vermont Sports Magazine May/June 2020


5 The Start  What’s Ahead?

What will this summer look like?

7 News Is Vermont Race Ready? 

Here’s what’s happening with events around the state.

9 Speak Up  Solidarity Is the Path

Here’s what we need to do if we want to preserve our trails.

11 Gear Gear That Does Good 

This summer, buy something cool from these brands that gave back

12 Nutrition How Much Meat Should We Eat?

New studies are turning old  nutrition truths on their head.

14 Feature Social Running

In an era of social distancing, can social running still go on? These run clubs have some answers.

20 Feature A Van & A Plan 

How two Vermonters refit a van, and made a plan to cover 27 states. Then this happened.

22 Feature: DIY: How to Build the Van of Your Dreams

How two Vermonters refit this sweet ride into a home. 

26 Featured Athlete The Ultra ER Doc

Weekdays he runs a Vermont hospital, weeekends he runs ultras.

28 Featured Athlete The Beauty Queen Spartan Racer

Both Spartan Races and beauty pageants helped this woman heal from a traumatic experience.

29 Calendar  Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame Are You Cool With Insects?

Ready to face the buzzzing crowd?

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