Vermont Sports Magazine, May 2019

The Start | Why Buy Local? pg. 5

A new coalition of Vermont’s outdoor brands will tell you why.

News Briefs | Vermonters Attempt Long Trail FKTs, pg. 6

Can these endurance athletes set new fastest-know times?

News Briefs | The New Run Fests, pg. 7

Want to run a new trail? Check out these new trail fests. 

Featured Athlete | The Police Chief Triathlete, pg. 28

After an accident, Burlington’s Brandon Del Pozo is back on his bike.

Nutrition | Bananas vs. Bacon, pg. 13

Nutritionist Jamie Sheahan helps sort out what foods to eat and which to skip at your next race.

Fitness | Run Your Best Marathon, pg. 16

Physical therapist Lee Stanton on how to make your next run a win.

Gear | Is Zero-Drop For You? pg. 22

There’s a trend toward minimalist running shoes but before you make the switch, here’s what to know and which shoes to try.

Weekend Away | High Season on Mt. Washington, pg. 28

You may head to Mt. Washington to ski-, but be prepared to stay to bike, hike, paddle and climb.

Feature | Training for Life, pg. 28

Olympic triathlete Sarah True on training in the Upper Valley and dealing with depression.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 30

Endgame | The Botanist Adventurer, pg. 34

How this Vermonter collected more this 12,000 species of plants.


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