Vermont Sports Magazine January/February 2021

5 The Start  The Light Ahead. That which does not kill us…

6 Great Outdoors 25 Ways to Win  Winter This winter learn to ice climb, build an igloo, winter camp, try ice fishing, do a snowshoe race.. and more. Here are 25 things to do, see and explore around Vermont.

14 Reader Athlete  Jake Blauvelt Returns to His Roots One of the world’s most acclaimed snowboarders spends most of his time in Vermont.

16 Nutrition  How to Get Fitter, Faster The secret to a successful diet isn’t just about food and exercise. Here’s what can help. 

10 Feature 10 Athletes of the Year

Meet the 10 athletes who helped put Vermont on the map this year and read about: 1-  Ryan Cochran-Siegle’s Wild Ride  2-  Lea Davison’s Year in Limbo 3-  Jessie Diggins’ Winning Tour 4- Tara Geraghty-Moats’ Dream Come True  5- Ted King’s DIY Challenge 6- Paula Moltzan’s Second Act  7- Elle Purrier’s Year of Shattered Records 8 – Vera Rivard’s Very Long Swim 9 – Hannah Soar Bumps it Up  10 – Mirna Valerio’s Other Big Win 

11 Gear  Winter Essentials Want to get out this winter? These Vermont products have you covered.

30 Calendar Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame Love at First Shovel

Ferrisburgh native Leath Tonino has had jobs shoveling snow in Antarctica and from roofs in Colorado. Here’s why he still digs it.


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