Vermont Sports 2021 June Issue

5 The Start: Gaining Access
Here’s how Vermont’s trails are becoming more accessible.

6 News: Leveling the Playing Field
In May, three exciting new projects broke ground creating new opportunities for athletes of all abilities.

6 News: New Trails, Huts & Campsites
Bolton Valley opens its bike park, Vermont Huts adds a hut .

10 Health: Running Past an Injury
This technique helped the author recover from a chronic injury.

13 Pro Tips: 14 Golden Rules of Group Rides
If you’re joining a group ride or doing an event, here are a few things experienced riders want you to know.

14 Feature: West Hill’s Wild Ride
Over 50 years, this iconic bike and ski shop became a giant in cycling. Now, two Caldwells are taking it to the next level.

20 Feature: Vermont’s Best Skateparks
There are more than 34 skateparks in Vermont and these two guys skated them all. Here are five of their favorites.
26 Featured Athlete: VMBA’s New Leader
He’s a Cat 1 racer with a Ph.D. and here’s what Nick Bennette hopes to do as the new E.D. at the Vermont Mountain Biking Association.

29 Calendar
Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame: Ode to the Approach Shoe
What happens when the shoes you loved so much, that took you so far come to the end of their life?

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