Vermont Sports 2021 August Issue


Cover photo of Elle Purrier-St. Pierre by Johnny Zhang

5 The Start  Pouring Money Into Trails 

There’s an unprecedented amount of money being invested in Vermont’s trails. 

7 News Vermonters Set Records 

Two Vermonters set fastest-known-times on the Long Trail as the GMC looks to secure its future. 

9 Gear Greener Summer Gear

Concerned about plastics? Try these innovative takes on classic summer gear.

10 Health Eat Like an Olympian?

Sure, they can pack in calories but what else can we learn about nutrition from these athletes? 

12 Feature Vermont’s Olympians

Here’s how Vermont’s 3 Olympians trained and got to Tokyo: The stories behind Elle Purrier-St. Pierre, Ilona Maher and Brooke Mooney

20 Feature Vermont’s Newest MTB Trails

Velomont takes shape and around the state new trails are going in. Here’s our roundup. 

26 Featured Athlete Super8’s Star

Meet the woman who was the first to finish the Super8’s  grueling 645-mile loops through Vermont’s backwoods trails. 

29 Calendar 

Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame The Rite of Passage

Hiking the Presidential Traverse is no easy feat. Especially if you are 18 and try to do it in a day. 

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