Vermont Characters

So many of you know, I make most of my living teaching and leading outdoor movement and adventure based curriculum as Mocean365. Much of this is meeting up with folks and working toward their goals just, like when people go to a gym to train. But we use the outdoors and the elements within it. So we train and play in the elements of the ever-changing New England landscapes.

Through this I’m able to work with some very unique and often entertaining individuals. Anyone crazy enough to train outdoors all year in the wet and cold and dark must be pretty cool right? Last week, one of my die-hard regulars took the cake for being unique. I nick-named him “The Mechanic,” well, because that’s how he makes his living. The mechanic does NOT need lycra or wicking layers. See, the mechanic is a bit “old school.”

I was waiting for him to arrive for a training appointment last week, expecting to hear his full-size Ford diesel pickup pull into the Town Forest in St. Johnsbury with loud rock music blaring to get him amped for our session. Instead I see a full-size gas truck pull into the lower lot. Could it be? I drive down to the lower lot and sure as s%^t, he drove a tractor-trailer to our appointment! He jumps down from the truck with his workout outfit on. Jeans, layered cotton shirts and of course, steel toed Chippewas. “I’m ready sensei, don’t be afraid to make me run either”!

Now if that isn’t a true Vermont sportsman, I’m not sure what is! Damn, I love this state!

Who needs fancy shoes and spandex. JUST MOVE! The Mechanic Movement Adventure

Skye Nacel

Skye is dedicated to movement, physical culture and adventure. He is based in a van or cabin either in the mountains of Vermont, or, when the swells align, three-plus hours away in the ocean. He owns Mocean365, an adventure and outdoor movement business and is half owner of Mocean Mate' with his lovely partner in crime, Meg. He is also a hack of many trades, master of none and proudly has ADD (adventure deficit disorder).

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