The Vermont Beer Quiz

The Vermont Beer Quiz

We love our sports and we love our beer. What we love best is when the two come together. Thanks to a number of recent collaborations, this is happening around the state. Here’s a quick test to see how much you know. Flip to the next page for the answers!

1. Who Did a Recent Brew/MTB Collaboration?

This beer company is not only hosting mountain bike demos at its new tasting room, it also recently released a special signature brew for Kingdom Trails NEMBAFEst.

2) Name This Beer and Ski Resort Pioneer

This person is equally well-known for pioneering one of the largest beer companies and building ski resorts across New England. 

3) A Disc Golfer Owns This Brewery

This brewery owner and master brewer not only has a disc golf course on his property, he has also created special signature brews for the Disc Golf Worlds and Nationals, held at Smuggler’s Notch.

4) These Breweries Have Trails leading to them

You can ride miles of dirt trails directly from these breweries. Or directly to them. We’re sure we left some out but here are two we love.

5) This Brew Was Made For Hiking

Named for a popular hiking trail, this brewery has also turned out signature brews for the Flyin’ Ryan Foundation and a brew called “Sick Day” that features a snowboarder. 

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