The 2019 Adventure Dogs: Best Adventure Shot

Adventure dogs are the ones you never have to leave home when you head out on the trail, or the water or the crag.

Stella, Waterbury. Photo by Kerrie Lohr
1:  Stella, Waterbury

Stella, Kerry Lohr’s Beagle/Jack Russell mix was found living on a commune in Tennessee. “She didn’t mind it there, but no one in particular was her human, and she had a lot of ticks,” writes Kerry Lohr. “A friend decided to put her in the car and find her a home and it didn’t take long! She doesn’t often swim, but she enjoys being the commodore of her parents paddle board fleet.” Shown here, in full color, on the Waterbury Reservoir.

Kimba, Johnson. Photo by Ivy Garvin
2. Kimba, Johnson, VT, Readers’ Choice Award Winner

Ivy Garven’s Kimba won the Readers’ Choice in this category and we can see why. “Kimba is a big Alaskan Malamute who spent her fourth birthday hiking around the mountains.” She is one of four Malamutes Garven owns, including one, Kavik, that has been named one of the top 10 Malamutes in the country and has won weight-pulls.

Sid and Odin, Jeffersonville. Photo by Raedin Zavis
3.  Sid and Odin, Jeffersonville, Vt.

Sid, a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix and Odin (a Beagle mix and rescue pup) live with Raeden Zavis and his wife and go with them pretty much everywhere—whether that’s skinning the trails at Smuggler’s Notch after hours or floating the Kennebec River.

Magic, Reading. Photo by Jean Goldsborough
4. Magic, Reading, Vt.

“Magic is a five-year-old Border Collie rescue who loves ANY sport outdoors,” Jean Goldsborough writes. “Her owners love to rock climb and sometimes she is allowed to go to their special clifftop and watch from a safe perch on her very own carabiner leash.  Hiking is the best part of the journey though as she doesn’t need a leash because she stays on trail, obeying immediately any call to return.” Originally rescued from Georgia, she is now in a happy home in Reading, Vt.

Bear, South Burlington. Photo by Nicole Handel
5. Bear, South Burlington, VT

If you recognize the skier and the German Shepherd in this photo, it’s Nicole Handel and Bear. Bear, who won our Adventure Dog contest in 2017, is something of an Instagram sensation and Handel doesn’t hesitate to post shots of the two of them hugging at the summit of every climb. “Bear is the reason why I became an ultra runner, climber, mountain biker, splitboarder and hiker,” Handel writes. “He inspires me to get outside every day. On runs, he’ll sometimes jog a few yards ahead and then sit and wait for me, tongue out and smiling. It really motivates me to keep going.”

Featured Photo Caption: Stella of Waterbury gets a front-row seat on owner Kerry Lohr’s paddleboard.

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