The Dogs We Love: 2019 Adventure Dog Contest Winners

Meet the dogs that keep us on the trail.

For nearly a decade, Vermont Sports has been holding an annual adventure dog contest. Over the years, we’ve had various levels of prizes and participation. This year eclipsed all others: We received more than 300 entries–photos and stories about your dogs—and more than 2,500 votes on the semi-finalists when we posted them on social media. Since our surveys indicate that 70 percent of our readers own dogs, we are not surprised.

This year, we had a pretty sweet prize: Topnotch Resort and Spa, a swank spa and dog-friendly lodge in Stowe, offered up a two-night stay with breakfast and a dog massage as a grand prize. Our long-time partner Pet Food Warehouse of Burlington also offered prizes for each of the category winners.

It wasn’t easy choosing the semifinalists from so many incredible entries (and if you didn’t get chosen this year, we encourage you to submit again next year.) We winnowed it down to semifinalists in four categories (Buddy, Action, Adventure and Face Shots) and then had you, our readers, vote for the Readers’ Choice on social media.

However, it’s not just a popularity contest. The ultimate decision was made by our editors and art director and we show the five top finalists here. In some cases the Readers’ Choice and the winner dovetail, in other cases we chose a shot that we felt was stronger. Regardless, anyone who gets to spend time with the dogs featured here is a winner.

And the Winners Are…

Best Action Shot

Best Adventure Dog Shot

Best Face Shot

Best Buddy Shot

Best Story

Featured Photo Caption: Our overall Grand Prize Winner (and cover image) is of Justin and Carrie Pill’s two Border collies on a mountain bike ride at Slate Valley Trails in Poultney. Head to the “Best Buddy Shot” category for more about the scene and their rockstar pups. 

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