Vermont Sports Magazine, November-December 2017

The Start | Weather or Not

Vermonters are versatile, and becoming more so as our climate changes. pg 5

News | New Huts & Backcountry

This winter, there will be more new huts and new backcountry terrain to explore on skis. pg. 9

Health | The Second Most Powerful Fitness Tool

How much sleep do athletes really need? New studies hold some answers. pg. 10

Gear | Made In Vermont

Our annual guide to the best gifts to give and get from the Green Mountains (sponsored content). pg. 12

Feature | Jr. Athletes of the Year

Keep an eye on these 10 athletes. They’re already winning big. pg. 14

Feature | The New Ninja Warriors

They leap, tuck, roll, flip off tall buildings, and swing from ropes—meet the new all-around athletes, Vermont’s “Ninja Warriors.” pg. 18

Feature | The Long Road Home

Riding across Central America, the Mundo Pequeño trio face torrential rains, earthquakes and other adventure. (Part 11) pg. 24

Calendar | Race & Event Guide

Endgame | When Winter Comes

Poet Donald Hall on New England’s winters. pg. 18