Gear & Beer: DPS Wailer 105 T2, Vermont Smoke and Cure Realsticks, Long Trail Sick Day IPA

Wailer 105DPS Wailer 105 T2

New this season, DPS introduces Hybrid T2 construction in two models: the mixed-snow Wailer and all-mountain Cassair.

The Wailer 105 T2 is a stable and balanced choice for the East. It carves up groomers and cuts through choppy, variable conditions with ease due to the stiff metal laminate and race base. This ski nods to traditional shape with a small amount of rocker in the tip, extended 24m sidecut and flat tail. It’s designed for variable turning in variable conditions at fast speeds. The flat tail demands more aggressive riding through the snow instead of over it. Look out for additional models rolling out in Hybrid T2 construction in the future. $949


Vermont Smoke and Cure RealSticks

RealSticksMade in Vermont from humanely raised, antibiotic-free meats, RealSticks are a great snack to keep on hand for everyone in the family. RealSticks are made from quality meats and spices and comply with many dietary restrictions without sodium nitrates, wheat, MSG, soy, dairy or preservatives. Nutritionally, they are a healthier protein source with less fat, sugars and carbs than conventional meat snacks. RealSticks are tasty, too! The six flavors available offer a range spiciness including Turkey Ancho, Beef BBQ, Beef-Pork Chipotle, Beef-Pork Cracked Pepper, Turkey Honey Mustard and Turkey Pepperoni.

RealSticks are widely available at convenience stores, country stores, co-ops, natural food stores, base area markets at ski resorts, and also available for order online. Each one ounce portion comes packaged individually in an easy to peel plastic sleeve making them handy to throw in a backpack before heading out on an adventure, in lunchboxes for school and work or in pockets for a day on the snow. $1.69 per stick or $29.95 for a box of 24.


Sick Day IPA


Long Trail Sick Day IPA

Snow too good to miss, but you’re trapped at the office? Long Trail Brewery’s Sick Day IPA offers one suggestion for treating this common ailment – call out sick! An ode to the powder flu, there is no excuse not to pick up Sick Day IPA to celebrate an epic day on the slopes.

Sick Day has a slightly flushed, medium brown hue, almost reminiscent of an amber or brown ale. Aromas are stuffed with light hops and sweet, toasty malt. Flavors of yeast and bread with fruit and pine come through right away but as the aftertaste settles in, I ache for just a little more bitterness. Hoppiness, spiciness and sweetness are light, well balanced and smooth. This beer is easy to drink and at 65 IBUs and 6.8% alcohol, you can grab a 6- or 12-pack to share with your crew or enjoy a pint of Sick Day IPA at après at your favorite watering hole.

Hilary DelRoss

Hilary grew up in southern New England where she developed her love of nature and outdoor recreation, including learning to ski at Rhode Island's only ski hill. After exploring the Rocky and Cascade mountain ranges, she transplanted to the Green Mountain State where she snowboards, skis, hikes, bikes, kayaks and stokes campfires from her home base in Montpelier.