Concept2 Ups Its Solar Power

From All Earth Renewables:

Concept2, a world leader in rowing machines and racing oars, knows a little something about energy.

The company helps elite athletes race and train for high-level competition and helps people of all ages and abilities achieve fitness.  But the company is also focusing on its own energy use, recently almost doubling its on-site solar production.

Concept2, based in Morrisville, installed four AllSun Trackers in 2010, but originally wanted more. After space constraints at their headquarters were relieved due to the expansion of municipal sewer to their facility, Concept2 recently installed an additional three solar trackers at their manufacturing headquarters.

The 39kW solar tracking installation will produce an average 54,600 kWh per year and cover 20 percent of Concept2’s energy needs.

“When we installed our first four AllSun Trackers last year we didn’t have room for the seven we wanted. When that recently changed we took another look and crunched the numbers carefully,”said Judy Geer, co-owner of Concept2. “With a solid return on investment, we saw adding another three trackers to our existing solar as a real win-win: for our business’s bottom line and for the environment. We also find our customers appreciate the fact that we’re doing our part by using renewable energy.”

Manufactured in Williston, Vermont by AllEarth Renewables, the seven pole-mounted AllSun solar trackers use innovative GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day, producing up to 45 percent more energy than fixed roof mounted solar panels.

“We know in a competitive business, dollars count. Concept 2 is staying ahead of the competition with a solar investment that improves their bottom line while addressing their future energy needs,” said David Blittersdorf, CEO and President of AllEarth Renewables.  “Our trackers use the same principle as rowing: produce more energy, more efficiently.”

In June, the AllEarth Renewables CEO was named by Business Week as one of 25 of “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs.”

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