2022-9 Vermont Sports Sept./Oct. Issue

5 The Start

Jay Peak and Place Making
Jay Peak helped create jobs and community. Now it’s under new owners.

6 News

Racing Across Mongolia
It’s the world’s longest, toughest horse race. And this Vermonter did it.


8 Gear

Day Hike Essentials

10 Your Turn

Facing a Changing Climate
Climate change is already impacting this young Vermonter’s life.

12 Feature

Chasing Iceland’s Vanishing Ice
Iceland has spectacular hikes, glaciers and waterfalls. Go now before climate change takes its toll.

19 Feature

The Next Outdoor Playgrounds II
Here’s how VOREC grants are changing outdoor recreation in 10 Vermont communities.

28 Feature

Adventure Dog Contest Winners
Meet the dogs (and their humans) who won our Adventure Dog photo contest.

28 Featured Athlete

A Pro Surfer Drops In
Pro skier/surfer Chuck Patterson is best known for skiing giant waves. Now he’s living in Burlington.

30 Calendar
Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame

The Do-Nothing Itinerary
Have you ever headed into the woods with no agenda? Try it.

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