Vermont Sports Magazine, January-February 2019

The Start | Heart and Grit, pg. 5
What sets apart our 2018 Athletes of the Year?

Great Outdoors | News Briefs, pg. 6

New backcountry ski trails and a new backcountry hut; Vermont’s new hiking app and more.

Health | Can Athletes Really Eat Whatever They Want? pg. 13

According to nutritionist Jamie Sheahan, even elite endurance athletes need to watch what they eat. Here’s why.

Winter Reads | 5 Books to Snuggle Up With, pg. 11

This winter, Vermont authors put out some great reads.

Reader Athlete | The Snow Swimmer, pg. 12

For Sandra Dee Owens, ice and snow are no obstacle to open-water swimming in Vermont’s lakes year round.

Gear | The News on Helmets, pg. 14

A new study from the University of Vermont looks at helmets’ effectiveness on the slopes. Here’s what you should know and which ones to look for.

Feature | Skating, Away, pg. 18

Four places where you can discover the magic of open-air skating this winter.

Feature | Going Uphill Fast, pg. 22

Meet the people behind Vermont’s growing skimo racing scene. Plus, the gear to get you started.

Feature | The Athletes of the Year, pg. 28

These 7 Vermonters put in some amazing performances in 2018.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 37

Endgame | This Buck Doesn’t Stop, pg. 42

One man’s plan to make winter trails accessible to all.


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