Vermont Sports 2022 June Issue



 The Start  It Takes a Village of Trails 

9 News New MTB Destinations

New trails, new lodges, new places to ride.

11 Health. Lyme Disease on the Rise

More than half of all Lyme disease cases are reported in June and July.

13 Nutrition  Should Athletes Monitor Their Blood Glucose Levels? 

Like a car’s fuel gauge, CGM devices can monitor your blood sugar. 

16 Feature  Moriah Wilson’s Rising Star

The NEK’s Mo Wilson was the “winningest woman in off-road racing.” Then her life was cut short. Plus, Ted King on Moriah Wilson’s rise in gravel racing. 

22 Feature How VMBA Changed Vermont

As the Vermont Mountain Bike Association celebrates 25 years, a long-time rider and chapter leader looks back at what made a difference. Plus, three VMBA leaders look back on the challenges and rewards. 

28 Featured Athlete Building a Different Kind of Bike Club

Josh Saxe’s Jackalope Northeast Cycling Team isn’t just about winning. But it is for everyone.

30 Calendar 

Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame The Secret to Happiness? It’s the Tiny Things.

Why Leath Tonino looks at his feet. 

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