Vermont Sports 2022 August Issue



6 The Start: Ask the Experts?
The top echelon of a sport can be elitist and cliquey. Not in Vermont.

8 News What’s in a Name?
Why it matters that the oldest ski area in America just took on a new name.

12 News: Vermont’s Tastiest Gravel Rides
Gorgeous routes and gourmet spreads are the norm for Vermont’s gravel bike events.

16 Feature: Running Up!
Vermont’s roster of great trail races is growing as fast as its cadre of elite mountain runners.

20 Feature:  The Gear Gurus on the Long Trail
When the staff of Outdoor Gear Exchange set out on the Long Trail for a relay thru-hike, we knew we would have some questions. Here’s the gear they loved and what they learned.

28 Featured Athlete:  Making Mountain Biking More InclusiveWhen she started riding, Dionne Heyliger didn’t see a lot of people who looked like her on mountain bikes. She’s hoping that will change.

30 Calendar; Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame: You Can’t Go Home Again.. Or Can You?
Once you’ve lived and worked in the Grand Canyon, how do you go back as a tourist?

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