March/April 2020

March/April 2020

The Start | Spread the Love, pg. 5

The future of Vermont’s trails is in our hands

News | The Winners Circle, pg. 7

See which Vermonters shattered records and won big this season.

Coach | Champion Culture, pg. 8

How do you build a strong team? Peggy Shinn explores

Health | Why Sleep? pg. 10

Why a little shut-eye might do more for your performance than anything else.

Feature | The Trail Hub, pg. 13

Can Randolph be revived as the new trail hub for Vermont?

Feature | Dropping In! pg. 18

Your guide to the best gear, paces and ways to get into whitewater paddling. 

Feature | The State of GravelOf Mullet Protocol, Garden Gnomes and Gravel Rides, pg. 22

Pro cyclists Ian Boswell and Ted King on the state of gravel rides in Vermont and elsewhere. 

Feature | Fresh Dirt, pg. 25

Seven quirky new gravel rides around the state. 

Gear| The Best New Gravel Gear, pg. 28

Bikes, pedals and more for every level of rider. 

Featured Athlete |The Compassionate Coach, pg. 30

Why Tim Van Orden holds the mile record for his age. 

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 33

Endgame | A Portable Place, pg. 42

Why we never truly leave the Green Mountains

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