The Dogs We Love: 2017 Adventure Dog Contest Winners

dc-17-jackson-laurich-cmyk(2) RUNNER UP: Jackson

Aaron Laurich writes: “Jackson, a Jack Russell mix, was heartworm positive when my wife picked him up from a shelter. She fell in love with him and adopted him to live with us in West Lebanon, N.H.

Not long after, my wife had a near-fatal aneurysm rupture and subsequently experienced seizures. Jackson has been great for her and is in tune with her and can alert us to her seizures. He was saved for a purpose and is happy to spend his second life paddling and hiking with us. He really helps us see and enjoy the little things. Oh—and Jackson is now heartworm negative. It’s just another battle we beat together.”

(3) RUNNER UP: Strider

Alexandra Bliss writes: “My mother had just rescued Sophie, Strider’s mum, and had no idea she was dc17-strider-bliss1pregnant because she was so skinny. When Sophie went into labor my mother thought her new dog was dying and started to rush her to the vet. She didn’t catch on until there was a litter of brand new puppies in the back seat of her car. Strider, was the oldest of the litter of 8, all born in the back of a Subaru near her home in Pennsylvania. My mother claims she nearly went o the road from shock! My mother found homes for all the

other puppies and my sister has Strider’s brother, Fezzick. She insisted I take Strider, because where else did a Husky mutt born in the back of a Subaru Outback belong, except Vermont?

Four years later, Strider lives with me in Winooski. He is my constant companion and adventure mutt. We’ve climbed and camped on East Coast and West Coast mountains, swam in glacier-fed lakes, skied in Vermont woods, explored canyons in the Utah desert and paddleboarded around Lake Champlain together. He’s amazing!”