Vermont Sports May 2021 Issue


The Start: When Trail Builders Go Rogue

Vermont cracks down on illegal trail cutting.

6 News:  60 Years of Running the Rockpile

A Vermonter defends her title in one of the most legendary races in the U.S. this June.

10 Health: Rehydrating with Beer: Good or Bad Idea?

Beer just seems like the perfect post-race drink. Is it?

 13 Your Race: Inspired to Run:

After a year of solo challenges, this was the ultimate motivator.

16 Feature 5 Trout Ponds to Trek To

If you like to fish and hike and camp, spend a weekend trekking to these magical ponds.

22 Feature: Rethinking Backpacks:

For 2021, backpacks have been redesigned with a focus on fitting different body types.

24 Feature: The Best New Backpacks 

6 Great new backpacks for the long haul.

26 Feature: Vermont’s Pack Men

They couldn’t find the perfect bags for backpacking,  bikepacking or fishing. So these Vermonters started  making their own.


28 Featured Athlete: The High School Phenom

Skier, runner and high-school phenom, Ava Thurston is someone to watch.

39 Calendar Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame The Fifth Season

Mud season may close the trails but it can also open your mind.

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