Vermont Sports Magazine March/April

‘The Start | Share the Love, pg. 5

The future of Vermont’s trails is in our hands.

News | The Winners Circle, pg. 7

See which Vermonters shattered records and won big this season.

Coach | Champion Culture, pg. 8

How do you build a strong team? Peggy Shinn explores.

Health | Why Sleep?, pg. 10

Why a little shut-eye might do more for your performance than anything else.

Feature | The Trail Hub, pg. 13

Can Randolph be revived as the new trail hub for Vermont?

Feature | Dropping In!, pg. 18

Your guide to the best gear,  places and ways to get into whitewater paddling.

Feature | Of Mullet Protocol, Garden Gnomes and Gravel Rides, pg. 22

Pro cyclists Ian Boswell and Ted King on the state of gravel rides in Vermont and elsewhere.

Feature | Fresh Dirt, pg. 22

Seven quirky new gravel rides around the state.

Gear | The Best New Gravel Gear, pg. 28

Bikes, pedals and more for every level of rider.

Featured Athlete | The Compassionate Coach, pg. 30

Why Tim Van Orden holds the mile record for his age.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 33

Endgame | A Portable Place, pg. 42

Why we never truly leave the Green Mountains.

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