Vermont Sports Magazine, March-April 2019

The Start |  10 Reasons to Love Mud Season, pg. 5

And what’s new to love.

Great Outdoors | What the New Land Conservation Act Means, pg. 7

Plus, record snow depth, new Vermont land conserved, free snowshoes for all.

Health | Fat, Fuel and the Keto Diet, pg. 11

Does cutting out carbs make sense for athletes?

Feature | 2019 Black Diamond Awards, pg. 12

Readers name the best in Vermont. 

Gear | Gimmicks or Great? pg. 17

Odd new products for spring.

Feature | For the Love of Mud, Snow and Gears, pg. 22

Vermont’s most popular bike race happens in April.

Feature | The Mountain Warriors, pg. 25

Why Vermont is turning out the toughest outdoor badasses in the armed forces.

Featured Athletes | The Jack Jump Champ Returns, pg. 33

The winningest jack jumper.

Featured Athletes | The Sled Hockey All-Stars, pg. 35

These fathers and sons are a winning team.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 37

Endgame | Gravel Redemption, pg. 42

Heidi Myers’ hardest race.


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