Vermont Sports Magazine, June 2019

The Start | A Staycation, for the Win, pg. 5

How to win a free tent, free camping and win summer.

Speak Up | The Business of Recreation, pg. 7

If you want to build an outdoor economy in Vermont, start with the trails, says Tom Stuessy.

Great Outdoors | Your Century Ride Bucket List, pg. 9

The best road rides across the state, plus the latest in outdoor news.

Feature | Go Faster and Farther, pg. 13

With fastpacking, you can fit a week’s adventure into a weekend. Here’s how.

Reader Athlete | The Warrior, pg. 17

Meet the Vermont veteran who tackled the Guinness World Record for burpees.

Nutrition | Truth? Or Consequence?, pg. 19

An expert busts a few common myths about fueling for athletes.

Feature | Finding Flow, pg. 21

Tap into the magic of Kingdom Trails and see what’s new in the Northeast Kingdom.

Feature | Is an E-Bike for You?, pg. 26

With new rebates and technology that keeps getting better, here’s why you should think seriously about an e-bike. Plus, our DIY Conversion Guide.

Calendar | Race & Event Guide, pg. 31

Endgame | Looking Inside the Labyrinth, pg. 42

Not all who wander are lost. By Leath Tonino 

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