Vermont Sports Magazine, July 2017

The Start | The Water World | pg. 5

Great Outdoors | Pump It Up | pg. 6

Are pump tracks Vermont’s newest playground? 

News Briefs | pg. 10

Hiking the Long Trail in knickers, a new hut on the NF Canoe Trail, 400 acres protected and more.

Fitness| How Important Is Running Technique? | pg. 13

According to a new study, it’s everything.

Health | Shouldering The Load | pg. 14

Expert advice on the most commonly dislocated joint.

Feature | Attacked By A Rabid Raccoon | pg. 16

This might be the last thing you expect to happen on a trail run.

Feature | The Lakes We Love | pg. 19

Want to learn to kiteboard, dive on a wreck, slalom waterski, swim across the border or camp on an island? Here’s how and where to do it.

Featured Athlete | The Infinitus Champ | pg. 25

How did Lance Parker train to win an 888k? Here’s how. 

Gear | Summer Stock | pg. 27

An Inflatable SUP, the ultimate mtb hydration pack, climbing shoes and more.

Calendar Race and Event Guide | pg. 29

Endgame | My Turn | pg. 34

When returning to the lake means the beginning of everything that comes next.