Vermont Sports Magazine, August 2017

5 | The Start | Trail Blazing

There’s a public works effort underway in Vermont’s mountain biking scene that you probably don’t know about. 

6 | Great Outdoors | Fresh Dirt

With more than a dozen new trails opening, here’s the skinny on Vermont’s trail-building frenzy. 

9 | Nutrition | Energy On The Go

When you need a boost, how to you choose between bars, gels or something else? Nutritionist Jamie Sheahan explains. 

13 | Gear | Outfitted For August

The latest summer must-haves for late summer riding and more. 

15 | Feature | A Rail Trail Revival

You can now ride for miles and miles with no traffic on these 5 long-distance rail trails. By David Goodman

21 | Feature | The Trail Crew

These four pros are responsible for much of the fun you’ve had on Vermont’s mountain biking trails. By Brian Mohr

27 | Featured Athlete | The Adventure Racer

Kit Vreeland’s navigation skills help her tackle any terrain that’s thrown her way. By Phyl Newbeck

28 | Calendar | Race & Event Guide
34 | Endgame | My Nine Miles

Imagine a nine-mile commute by bike with no traffic. By Jennifer Chittick