Vermont Sports, August 2020

5 The Start Lessons in Perseverance

Why Mirna Valerio should inspire us all.

7 News Epic DIY Rides

The new epic ride? Try 250 miles or more in a day. These guys did.

9 News Manhattan First, The Channel Next

At 16 Vera Rivard is ticking off her swim bucket list, fast.

11 Feature Back Roads in the ADK

This Adirondack gravel route will take you back in time.

14 Feature Vermont’s Best Gravel Rides

We asked pros from around the state to share their favorite backyard gravel loops. Here are the 12 best.

20 Feature The New Face of Fitness: The Mirnavator

She’s big, she’s Black and she’s a kick-ass ultrarunner with a sponsor list to envy.

25 Feature Mountains to Move: Making VT’s Outdoors More Inclusive

If the outdoors really is for everyone, then Vermont has work to do.

29 Featured Athlete The Constant Paddler

At 85, Larry McIntosh is still paddling strong.

30 Calendar Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame Ode to the Perpetual Amateur

Maybe “experience” in the outdoors is worth no more than a hill of beans.


Cover photo: Mirna Valerio. Background, Howe Road during The Ranger, by Ansel Dickey

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