Vermont Sports 2022 May Issue



5The Start  Building the Outdoor Community

Outdoor recreation feeds our souls and connects our communities.


6 News 10 Fall Marathons to Train For

Need a goal to motivate you? Here are 10 fun runs to keep you going all summer.


8 Nutrition What’s in That Energy Bar? 

Before you reach for that next energy bar, drink or gel, read the label. 


11 Health  Harness Your Superpower

What’s the best way to improve your performance as an athlete? Breathe right. 


14 Feature How Ben True Built a Community of Long-Distance Runners

Upper Valley elite runner Ben True is building a cadre of top runners, and inviting anyone to join him.


19 Special Feature The Next Outdoor Playgrounds

Vermont just awarded nearly $5 million in grants for outdoor recreation. Here’s who earned the grants and what they plan to do. 


28 Essay The Wild Place

Why do we need even the smalllest parks? This award-winning essay explains. 


37 Gear For Mom, From Vermont

Need some ideas for a Mother’s Day gift? These Vermont brands have you covered.


41 Calendar 

Race & Event Guide



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