Vermont Sports 2021 September/October


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5 The Start  Freedom and Bikes

Farid Noori was raising money for MTB Afghanistan. Then the Taliban struck. 

7 News Can Earmarks Build a Rail Trail?

See what our people in Washington have been up to. Plus, a solar bike light that we love. 

8 Featured Athlete The New King of Gravel 

What’s next for Peacham’s Ian Boswell, one of the winningest gravel riders of 2021?

10 Feature Beyond Bolton: 10 Great Climbs

Travis Peckham, author of Vermont’s climbing guidebook, share his new favorite routes, plus where to go when the climbing is done for the day.

18 Feature The Keepers of the Moosalamoo

Fifty years ago the Clark family set about restoring an inn in Goshen. Along the way, they helped create a National Recreation Area.

22 Feature 10 Things to do in the Moosalamoo.

Hike, ski, bike, paddle, plunge, pick blueberries..the options are endless. 

24 Feature The Pups We Love 

Meet the winners of our annual Adventure Dog Photo Contest. 

30 Calendar  Race & Event Guide

34 Endgame Hiking with Daisy

Want to make a big deal out of a small hike? Just bring along a toddler.

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