The Scoop on Killington’s New Bike Academy

This Fall, Killington rolls out a brand new “Bike” Academy.

This September, Killington Mountain School announced plans to roll out a new competitive downhill mountain bike program—the first of its kind anywhere.

Vermont is a natural place to pioneer such a program as the state is already home to some of the best cyclists in the world, including cross country Olympic mountain biker  Lea Davison and Pittsfield native and downhiller Mazie Hayden, who recently raced in the World Championships for the U.S. team.

Raised as a ski racer in Stowe, Elle Anderson is a world-class cyclocross athlete. Now, she’s headed home. Courtesy photo.

KMS is tasking local coach and former motocrosss and MTB pro rider Jason DiDomenico to oversee the new downhill program. Meanwhile, Stowe native Elle Anderson, who finished eighth in the 2018 World Cyclocross Championships, is also joining KMS as head coach for the endurance cycling program. Anderson, a former ski racer, has spent the past few years competing in cyclocross in Europe and racing for the U.S. Team.

Featured Photo Caption: Raised as a ski racer in Stowe, Elle Anderson has become one of the best American cyclocross riders on the highly competitive European pro circuit. Now, she’s coming back home to Vermont. Courtesy photo.

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