The 2019 Adventure Dogs: Best Action Shot

Action dogs are the ones that get us out of the house. These dogs are giving their owners a run for their money.

Louie, by Mike Hitelman
1:  Louie, Stowe, VT

Photographer Mike Hitelman rarely travels without his camera—or his Viszla, Louie. Hitelman, who goes back and forth between Montreal and Stowe, will take Louie snowboarding, mountain biking or just running in the woods. As he says, Louie is up for “any adventure, any time, tongue out and ready to explore.” And this shot captures that spirit.

Summit and Berm, East Fairfield. Photo by Danielle Sweet
2. Reader’s Choice Award: Summit and Berm, E. Fairfield, VT

With names like Summit (the redhead) and Berm (black and white), you know these two Siberian Huskies are up for adventures. As owner Danielle Sweet writes: “I see Summit (left) light up with excitement when we pull into a wooded parking lot. He knows what’s to come next. He’ll tell us a story about how he is going to lead us on an adventure before stepping out of the car. He is our vocal guy. On trail, he is always a couple strides ahead, making sure to keep pace but will always respond to a pocket full of sensational treats, if needed. Don’t hang out too long in one spot; Summit will let you know its time to descend. Every muscle pulses as he keeps up on the downhill, jumping over rocks, dodging trees. The power and agility of this dog is a sight to see. He will never be the last one down. Berm is the powerhouse. He is the protector of the pack and if you fall behind, he will check in with you to make sure you are okay. If you take a tumble, he will be licking the wounds and aiding you.” This image won the hearts of our social media fans and earned the Readers’ Choice award in this category.

Oliver, Stowe. Photo by Rex Patterson
3. Oliver, Stowe, VT

Rex Patterson’s Labradoodle “Ollie” (short for Oliver Jack Sparrow) is, in his owner’s words “just the best dog ever.” Here, he seems as happy on his run on the dirt backroads of Stowe as his dad is.

Rumble, Woodstock. Photo by Tim Gould
4. Rumble, Woodstock

Tim Gould submitted this fantastic action shot of Rumble. Writes Gould, “He’s a rescued Lab mix whose parents are good friends of mine. I lost my Rotty/Black Lab mix of 17 years two years ago. I was not quite ready to have another best friend yet, so I take Rumble out for my dog fix and fun hikes. Rumble is two and getting more adventurous in the water. It took him quite a bit of time to even get his feet wet. Now he’s part otter and it’s hard to get him out!! Labs!!!”

Tiso, Morrisville. Photo by Grant Wieler
5. Tiso, Morrisville, VT

Grant Wieler is another professional photographer who takes his dog on his adventures, shown here near the summit of Mount Mansfield. Wieler writes: “Tiso was rescued from a kill shelter in Virginia and sent north. He spent nine months bouncing from one Humane Society shelter to another. As a young and highly energetic dog, he was intimidating to many and was hard to place. I had recently put one dog down due to cancer, and our other dog was having difficulties with the loss. After a couple of weeks, we decided it might be time to find another companion for our lonely, mourning pup. Visiting the Montpelier Humane Society I stumbled across Tiso (formerly called “Adonis”) and after staring at each other for a minute I decided to take him out for a walk. He was a handful, but responded well to my cues. After an hour we had formed a bond. I left that day without adopting. I was hesitant, and wanted to introduce the other dog and see how they interacted before making any rash and emotional decisions. A few days later, with the shelter opened specifically for my purpose, I returned with the other dog and after a successful introduction, left with my new adventure buddy.

Featured Photo Caption: Louie in his element: chasing adventure on the trail. Photo by Mike Hitelman

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