Outdoor Gear Exchange Is Expanding

At a time when many locally owned outdoor retailers are closing their doors, Outdoor Gear Exchange, Vermont’s local employee-owned community-based outdoor specialty store, announce on Friday that they will be expanding their Church Street Marketplace store.

“We are grateful to the community support we’ve had for the more than 23 years we’ve been in business in Burlington,” said Marc Sherman, co-owner of the shop. “Our customers in Vermont are our family, and they’ve supported us for more than two decades, helping us grow from a 800-square foot shop on Main Street, through several moves to our current Church Street Location.”

Outdoor Gear Exchange will be taking over the space currently occupied by Panera Bread. “More space in the shop will help us expand the selection we offer customers,” said Mike Donohue, co-owner. “It will also further support our charitable giving, including our Nickel Bag program, which monthly supports a local non-profit chosen by a committee of staff volunteers and our Charitable Grant Fund, which directs a portion of proceeds from consignment sales and currently awards over $10,000 to eight non-profits each year. And we are looking forward to continuing to support all the vital nonprofits in the state working to make maintain and improve our trail infrastructure and conserve land for use in perpetuity.

Outdoor Gear Exchange plans to complete the expansion by spring 2018 with a customer appreciation event, a spring expansion sale and an opening party, details to follow.