Now That’s More Like It

Happy New Year Folks!SouthWest Vermont at its best.

If you are an outdoor winter enthusiast who embraces the white flakes you are … hmm … how do you say? STOKED! If you were off for the holiday week what could be better?! It’s been a while since the getting has been this good, but lets not take it for granted. I don’t mean to get all spiritual here but please take a moment to thank Mother Nature for her bounty that she has so graciously provided us, and may she keep providing.

Some folks have the impression that the backcountry of Vermont only exists north of Route 4. The whole darn state of Vermont is “backcountry!” Stop by the side of the road and walk a hundred yards into the woods. Ka-Pow! Well maybe not that intense, you might have to do some re-con but you can find it. If  you’ve been getting after it taking advantage of every season; such as trail running or mountain biking chances are you’ve seen it. I’ve been fortunate to have been living in Southwestern Vermont for the past 13 years. Over time I’ve slowly been exploring different logging roads, trails, and looking at maps that have lead me to backcountry gems. I’m 37 and have a mortgage so I’m not really looking to get Glen Plake (for you young kids out there watch some Greg Stump videos) on anything, but I certainly do enjoy some long wide open glades that would make a ski resort cry with envy. Yes we do have that down here. If your looking for huck-a-riffic gnar I’m sure we could accomodate you as well. I’m not one to go on telling you about where my favorite spots are or how to get there. I am willing to share reports about some trips with areas that are more well known, however that’s half the fun discovering your own spots!  Now slap those skins on load up your pack and get out there and explore!


Greg Rems

Avid Vermont enthusiast, be it telemarking, cycling, running, hiking, or anything outside. Chef de Cuisine the Inn at West View Farm in Dorset, Vt. Living in Arlington.