Mundo Pequeño: Part II — The Long Road Home

After bikepacking the length of South America, three buddies who call themselves the Mundo Pequeño continue across Central America on their way home to Vermont.Story and photos by Eli Bennett, Noah McCarter and Cameron Russell. 

On January 18, 2017, Cameron Russell of Burlington, Vermont, and his friends Eli Bennett and Noah map-of-routeMcCarter set out from Patagonia, near the southernmost tip of South America, to bikepack their way back to Vermont and the Canadian border. In the June issue of Vermont Sports, we told the story of the first part of their journey and shared a list of what they carried and the gear they used. In this second part, they tell of their ocean crossing to Panama, their trip through Central America, surviving torrential downpours and Mexico’s worst recorded earthquake and, at last, the border crossing into Texas.

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