Is It Winter Now?

We all know overall the snow has been a little lackluster, but it seems as winter is rearing its head now. The conditions the last couple weeks outside have started to have some nastiness to it like tonight’s negative temps and howling winds. Yesterday and last night made for some amazing outdoor movement sessions, then on the way home from St. J to Morrisville the roads were just INSANE! Wow, driving in northern Vermont is often an adventure in itself. Snow squalls so intense you could not see anything in front of you and ice ice baby looking to take out the unwary.

It looks as though things are definitely getting cold now though, and we are starting to get the daily snow in the mountains even if its only an inch or two, it adds up.

Pretty funny the other night we were in coastal New Hampshir and we were describing the difference in the weather between the two regions. One friend said after I told her it is usually 10-20 degrees colder on average than down there, “Really? In Vermont?.” She said it in a way that suggested she thought Vermont was just a place to the west of her that gets some snow in the mountains and people drink maple syrup for breakfast then go cross-country skiing in the sunshine like on a postcard. “Girl, we don’t see sun for weeks up there,” was my response.

And that in itself is part of the northern Vermont “charm” if you will. Puts some “hair on your chest ya know, a yut.”

So here is to the regular snowfall and to you all getting out and about in the fresh air as much and often as possible and enjoying it for what it is!

Below is a shot of my grandfather, a hardman seventh-generation Vermonter who tells stories of living an active lifestyle that was more centered around survival than “recreation,” but he still has plenty of fun. Peace.

Skye Nacel

Skye is dedicated to movement, physical culture and adventure. He is based in a van or cabin either in the mountains of Vermont, or, when the swells align, three-plus hours away in the ocean. He owns Mocean365, an adventure and outdoor movement business and is half owner of Mocean Mate' with his lovely partner in crime, Meg. He is also a hack of many trades, master of none and proudly has ADD (adventure deficit disorder).

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