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Posted August 26th, 2009 staff (left to right): Nutritionist Dan Lynch of Burlington, VT; chiropractor Shane Lynch of Montpelier, VT; personal trainer and owner Nick Lynch of Middlebury, VT.
Burlington, Middlebury, Montpelier—Nick Lynch of Middlebury, VT, has launched Health & Fitness, a web site service that helps members make healthy diet and exercise choices, and is a source for information about progressive health options, such as chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition. Lynch’s goal is for members to avoid unnecessary medical costs, such as insurance deductibles, co-pays, and needless doctor visits. This all translates to better health, less time missed at work, and increased financial savings. The web site is easily accessible to anyone at a reasonable price.
Lynch is certified as a specialist in sports conditioning and is also a certified personal trainer. He has worked with all types of people for over six years in the health and fitness industry. Beginning in September, he will have an office at Vermont Sun Sports & Fitness in Middlebury, where he will meet with clients who wish to increase their levels of health, or are new to exercise and wish to make a change in their lives.
Dan Lynch of Burlington, VT, brother of Nick, is the web site nutritionist and is currently working at his Masters of Nutrition at the University of Vermont. On the web site, Dan focuses on longevity, energy, fat loss, muscle-gain-promoting foods, tasty recipes based on a more traditional diet. A third brother, Dr. Shane Lynch, practices in Montpelier, VT, with Dr. James Lynch (father) at Lynch Family Chiropractic on Elm Street. Dr. Shane Lynch’s web site role is to inform members about proper foods, sleep, and postures, and he offers tips for optimal performance throughout the day.
The web site has features such as a live chat room, where you can speak with a chiropractor, nutritionist, or trainer every day of the week; a personal notebook where you track all your progress, goals, meals, and anything else that may cross your mind; and personalized exercise routines, based on your current level of fitness. The routines are professionally shot by a cinematographer, with voice, picture, and text descriptions. All routines are for in the gym, home, on the road, outside, inside, or wherever you can squeeze in a workout.
To take part in, you must answer eight questions. Upon completing the questionnaire you are placed in your current level of fitness. News updates happen weekly, with recipes, posture tips, anti-inflammatory foods, food combinations, and overall lifestyle suggestions. One or more of the trainers, chiropractors, and nutritionist will be on the website everyday of the week to make sure your health progresses and your questions are answered. Check it all out at