Hikers Call for Help

On Friday, March 3, two hikers, Hannah Fernald, 18, of West Wareham Mass. and Adam Dalterio, 19,  of Chester, CT  left the Sweet Farm trailhead parking lot at 4:00 pm to hike the Hunger Mountain Trail in Waterbury Center.

At 6:00 pm, the Vermont State Police got a phone call from the hikers, claiming they were not equipped for the cold and the dark.

According to release from the Vermont State Police, rescuers from Waterbury Backcountry, Stowe Mountain Rescue, and Camels Hump Backcountry Rescue arrived on scene to assist. Rescuers made contact with Dalterio and Fernald and were able to walk them both out.

While it’s tempting to go for a hike as the snow melts and the weather moderates be careful.  It’s a good reminder at this time of year, especially, to:

  1. Never set out on a hike late in the day. Know when sunset is and how many hours of daylight you have.
  2. Know the forecast and be prepared for changing weather. Temperatures can drop significantly as the sun fades at this time of year.
  3. In addition, expect temperatures, windspeeds  and trail conditions to change at altitude.
  4. Be prepared for ice and snow. Even if the base of a trail area is clear, snow and ice will cling in shady parts of the trail and are likely to cover the higher terrain.
  5. Always carry a backpack with headlamps, water, food, matches, and extra warm clothes and mittens.
  6. Make sure your cell phone is charged and if going for an extended hike in cold weather that you carry it near your body so that the cold does not drain the battery and carry a spare charger.
  7. Know where the streams are.  Streams and drainages that may have been covered in snow or ice earlier in the season are likely to be running or may be hidden by a thin, breakable crust.