Gear & Beer: Ride Baretta, Tubbs Flex Alp Snowshoe, Harpoon Long Thaw IPA


Gear: Ride Snowboards Baretta

Sorry guys, the Ride Baretta is a sweet, all-mountain ride made specifically for lady shredders. This directional snow- board is sized for our boots so there’s no compensating for toe or heal drag while carving big turns or shimmying through the trees. Available in six sizes, you’re bound to snuggle into the one that feels like it’s built for you. It has rocker in the tip to help keep you afloat on powder, and camber underfoot and through the tail for those days you need extra grip to stay upright.

Like all women’s specific sticks, there are lots of proprietary tech bells and whistles. If you have a backpack, fill it up with the Long Thaw, hitch up this snowboard and buckle into your snowshoes because this board will take you through the rest of the sea- son’s spring powder dumps, cream cheese frosting, corn kernels and snow cone slush. $399.95


Gear: Tubbs Snowshoes Flex Alp

tubbs-flex-alp-22-womens-2011Ready to earn some spring backcountry turns? There are still plenty of stashes yet to be found and you’ll get there fast on Tubb’s Flex Alp snowshoes no matter what kind of conditions you run into along the way. These babies are de- signed for extreme terrain with a pair of curved, serrated traction rails run- ning the length of the shoe to grip hard snow and ice and prevent slide slipping. They also feature steel toe crampons and downhill snow breaks. When you take a step, you’ll stay put where you place your foot. Gender specific bind- ings are easy to adjust on the fly, super secure and have a snap and clip to en- sure straps stay out of your way. Lim- ited toe rotation keeps effort down to a minimum so you have more energy for the hike down. Tails drop to shed snow while preventing the shoes from hitting your legs mid-stride. What about the flex? It’s dreamy. Found in the deck, tail and binding, flexible materials ab-

sorb shock and adapt to the variable conditions we’re bound to encounter in Vermont. Comfortable, durable, light and, dare I say, game changing. Wear them with your Sorrels, Boggs, or hik- ing boots or throw on your snowboard boots, strap your board to your back and enjoy the season’s bounty. you won’t be sorry. $239.95

LongThaw-LandingBeer: Harpoon Brewery The Long Thaw White IPA

Released in January, Harpoon’s White IPA label celebrates the idea of spring with the full understanding that we’re in northern New England and it’ll be a while before we’re smelling daffodils.This light hued beer pours with a head that disappears quickly, but the hoppy bitterness of the IPA style sticks around and complements spicy Belgian characteristics. Crisp notes of citrus from the hops balance nicely with the warm, slightly heavier, coriander spice. The Long Thaw, which is also labeled as the White IPA, is available in bottles, in cans and on draft in the region for a limited time. Like the snow, get it while it lasts. It’s available in Windsor, Vt, and Boston. 6.2% ABV

Hilary DelRoss

Hilary grew up in southern New England where she developed her love of nature and outdoor recreation, including learning to ski at Rhode Island's only ski hill. After exploring the Rocky and Cascade mountain ranges, she transplanted to the Green Mountain State where she snowboards, skis, hikes, bikes, kayaks and stokes campfires from her home base in Montpelier.