Gear & Beer: Outdoor Research Delta Hoody, Foresake Warrant, Zero Gravity Brewery Green State Lager

or delta hoody w Outdoor Research Delta Hoody

This fall, Outdoor Research launches the next development in blended fiber garments. All 11 items in their three-phase layering system are woven from “drirelease Merino,” a fiber that’s blended from 88 percent polyester and 22 percent Merino wool to capture the best attributes of both synthetic and natural fibers. The resulting material is lightweight, moisture wicking and odor resistant. Available in base layers, mid-weight and heavier layers, individual garments can be combined for varying levels of warmth during autumn and winter activities.

The Delta Hoody falls right in the middle of the pack. Available in men’s and women’s fits, the Delta offers smooth, flexible and stretchy light-weight warmth. The material is quick drying and breathable to keep you comfortable and an odor controlling coating promises to prevent stink. The blended fiber cuts the cold without the weight or itch of wool. This piece is warm, however thin, and can be easily combined with other layers to keep up with fluctuating needs during the change in seasons.

Since the Delta Hoody’s main feature is the lightweight material from which it’s cut, additional features are kept to a minimum. The Delta’s close fitting, balaclava style hood fits under helmets and hats to keep drafts off your neck and storm flaps behind the front zipper keep them off your core. Thumb loops keep wrists warm and help keep sleeves in place when pulling on additional layers. The zippered chest pocket is big enough to stash cash or keys. Weighing only 10 ounces, I’m happy to keep this hoody close at hand.

Warrant_Brown_Side_1024x1024Foresake Warrant

A few years ago, Foresake got their start through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, they’ve dialed in the style and functionality of their dual-purpose footwear. Available in high, mid and low top options, Foresake’s line of men’s footwear has a grippy outer sole to keep you glued to the ground in varied terrain and a waterproof breathable membrane to keep you dry and comfortable.

The Warrant is a mid-height shoe that transitions easily from trail to town with supportive features you expect to find in a hiking boot and the style appeal of a street shoe. A wide foot bed with lugs placed around the perimeter of the sole adds stability and balance while directional lugs run from heel to toe providing traction on ascents and descents. The alternating high and low lug pattern helps grab loose or firm surfaces. Leather, suede and canvas uppers are breathable and a wicking liner helps keep feet moisture-free on and off the hill.

Other performance features include taped seams and a gusseted tongue to further combat wet tootsies. Sizing runs true for length, but runs a little wider due to the fact they are built for stability. For a narrower feel, simply cinch the laces tighter for a snug fit without feeling pinched. Foresake’s women’s line isn’t available yet, but interested ladies can size down to find the right fit while it’s in the works. The Warrant earns points in both performance and style while maintaining comfort and versatility. From trail hikes to bike rides to dinner and drinks, these kicks cover it all.


Zero Gravity Brewery Green State Lager

The term terroir is not often found in tasting notes for beer – it is more commonplace in the world of wine – but it certainly applies to Zero Gravity’s Green State Lager. The brewers at Zero Gravity created this Pilsner with a sense of place in mind. Green State Lager expresses the unique nature of the Green Mountain State, taking on its own identity while preserving the traditional style.

Its light golden hue and carbonation are as anticipated, but the flavor profile is what sets this Pils apart. Noble hops contribute to the aroma and flavor while the malt is the real star here, imparting bready flavors that pair so appropriately with the brewery’s location at American Flatbread’s Burlington Hearth. Expect a more complex palate than other offerings of the same style due to Zero Gravity’s commitment to cold-conditioning its Pilsner to full completion.

A low 4.9% ABV makes this easy drinking brew very approachable and appropriate when you’d like to enjoy a few. That’s good news considering you’ll soon be able to take this one on the go. Look out for a brand new brewing facility and cannery to land on Burlington’s Pine Street next year. Green State Lager is distributed throughout Vermont on draft and will become even more available once the cannery is up and running. In the meantime, stop by their Saint Paul Street digs to taste this and other varieties during their annual Oktoberfest celebration.



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