Dandelion Run Will Honor Boston Marathon Victims

From our friends at the Dandelion Run:

This year, at The Dandelion Run, we will be running in honor of The Boston Marathon and its proud history and to support the victims and the families of victims of this terrible attack.


In the face of the senseless act of violence at the Boston Marathon we have been thinking of ways that we can honor those killed, maimed, and injured, show solidarity with The Boston Marathon and the City of Boston and take a stand against hate and fear.

This year all runners and walkers at the upcoming Dandelion Run will be encouraged to raise additional donations that will then be collected and delivered to One Fund Boston to support the Boston Marathon victims and their families.

Anyone wanting to make a stand, help the cause, and show your support can make a donation on our Dandelion Run web site www.dandelionrun.org by going to the Support Our Runners and Walkers page.  Identify a particular runner to support (you can check the roster) or just put “General”  When we send in our collective Dandy Donation we will identify the individual runners and walkers and the amounts raised on their behalf.


Runners and walkers can make donations on their own behalf.  They are encouraged to solicit family and friends to donate in support of their run.


We hope our community will run and walk with us on May 18th starting at The Derby Beach House at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Like so many running races around the country, we want “The Dandy” to offer up a good show of support.

And, yes a few of us will be walking the Boston Marathon Route on May 18th starting at Hopkinton at 8:00 a.m.