User-Friendly Skin System

Hello again from Outdoor Retailer. Our neighbors at Volkl (based in Lebanon, N.H.) are here at Outdoor Retailer, showing off their Skin Pin Technology. For their line of AT skis, you can get a pre-cut skin that is made specifically for your ski (as in the Amaruq pictured here). The skis come set up with a pin locking system. Basically, you hold the skin 90-degrees to the ski, and then the top of the skin has a pin that pops through a pre-cut hole at the top of the ski.


Then you rotate your skin back parallel with the ski, smooth out the skin, and clip the bottom of the skin to the tail of the ski. The pin locks into place with that 90-degree turn.


The technology isn’t brand new, Volkl has had it for a couple years, but we thought this was worth posting as more and more of us are getting into AT. We’re back at it today, and will do our best to update from the show floor!