The Appalachian Trail from a different perspective

The Appalachian Trail is the most documented hiking trail on the face of the planet and there are mountainous stacks of information and guides to help anyone hike it. So, why add another guide to that stack?

First of all, Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide, by J Jeffrey “Smailpace” Philbrick, is based on two years of extensive, indepth research and is the only comprehensive compilation of public transit information available between two covers for accessing the Appalachian Trail.

Second, the guide is a practical resource of fresh information and not just a rehash of information found in other standard guides.

Third, the guide is designed with a unique perspective that makes it totally different from other standard guides. Those guides are designed “inside out” from a very narrow perspective of a hiker actually walking on the Trail. Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide is designed “outside in” starting from a broad perspective at the national level then progressively sharpening focus on a local level to arrive at specific road access points that place a hiker actually on the Appalachian Trail.

At every level and point of focus the guide provides detailed transit information. Whether you are a day hiker, section hiker, or long distance thru-hiker Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide is full of the essential and practical information any sort of hiker needs for accessing public transportation to get on or off the Trail and help a hiker get around while visiting a town or city near the the Trail.

For thru-hikers the guide is especially important for providing the necessary information to get off the Trail in cases of an emergency, to resupply, or to just go home for a while. When planning any sort of AT hiking adventure Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide is an invaluable stand alone resource.

There are three different editions to the guide:

Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide, Complete Edition: Georgia to Maine.
Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide, Southern Edition: Georgia to the Mason-Dixon Line.
Philbrick’s Appalachian Trail Transit Guide, Northern Edition: The Mason-Dixon-Line to Maine.

The guides are available in e-book format at in the Non Fiction section under the headings “Travel”, Sports and Outdoor Recreation” or search under Appalachian Trail.