The Dogs We Love: 2017 Adventure Dog Contest Winners


There are times when a dog looks you in the eyes and you pretty much know what he or she is thinking. In the case of all these dogs, the look says: “Hey, get off your duff and let’s go play.”


(1) WINNER: Aklark

Courtney Findeisen and her husband Nate spend a lot of time with their pups Stella, a cattle dog mutt (and the 2015 Green Mountain Iron Dog champ) and Aklark in Wallingford. Stella might be a champ but it was this shot of their Husky mix, Aklark, raring to ski, that won the Face Shots category. Says Courtney: “Aklark was a sled dog for the first three years of her life before her mom took her in and taught her how to be a house dog. It’s taken years for her to adjust, but she is a fun dog to have around! We love skijoring and skinning in the winter, and running and hiking on cool summer days. She is a total goofball, she howls while she hides her favorite toy, Rocky the Raccoon, every morning after breakfast, gives double high fives for her lunch treats, and loves chasing butterflies. Aklark mean “brown bear” in Inuit, her dad was “Kodiak” so she is named after him.”



(2) RUNNER UP: Pike

Milton’s Kelsey Fields named her old Australian Shepherd Pike, after the fish, since she and her boyfriend love fishing and anything outdoors. This was Pike’s first foray into water. As Fields says, “My four-month-old puppy just learned he enjoys swimming. He loves hiking, tracking, and doing anything outdoors.”











(3) RUNNER UP: Rosco

As John Grassi writes, “This little man goes by Rosco. He is a Catahoula leopard dog and we live in Ludlow. Sometimes I’ll get up early to cross country ski and Rosco is always ready. He loves to help carry supplies in his saddle bags. I rescued him about seven years ago and my life has been better ever since. He loves kids, any other animal and the outdoors. I’m truly blessed to have found him and can’t wait to grow old with him.” With a dog like Rosco, who wouldn’t?






dc17-teddy-blouin(4) RUNNER UP: Teddy

Jessica Blouin’s toy poodle Teddy, age 7,  is far more than a toy. “Teddy is the best kayaking buddy” says Blouin, who hails from Monkton. “When he sees me getting my gear out, he gets really excited and runs to the door!” She also wisely keeps him well equipped, too, with lifejacket and shades to protect his eyes from the glare off the water.






(5) READER’S CHOICE: Jaxsondc-jaxson-covey

“Faster than Michael Phelps, Jax loves the water and being a champ,” says his owner, Michelina Covey of Ferrisburgh. She also adds that the Labradaor retriever, age 3, also “loves just kicking back but he’s ways full of love and cuddles!” Jaxson won over our Facebook fans too to earn the Reader’s Choice vote.






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